Our Truffles

Our truffles were inoculated with the spores of Tuber Melanosporum, or the world renown French Perigord truffle.

The French black truffle is a very irregular shaped fungus form. They have a black wart like exterior, but once cut the surface is smooth with white veins running across the black surface. The colour inside a truffle indicates its quality, this cannot be seen without cutting the truffle, so you may find some truffles with a slight nick taken out of them. This has been done by our head grader to ascertain the condition of the truffle- its texture, colour and most importantly aroma.

Some truffles are as small as a pea & obviously not harvested, but some can reach up to 1kg.

The most popular size required by chefs in the top restaurants are in the medium range of 100-200 grams. Again this depends on the actual menu the restaurant is running at the time.

Smaller ones are generally used for processing and generally cheaper in price.

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